Powerwalking your way to fitness..

Steve Reeves PowerwalkingSteve Reeves discovered PowerWalking as an ideal form of exercise while he was training his Morgan horses. This particular training program involved walking them as briskly as possible on trails.

One day while Steve was leading a thirty-mile trail ride from the town of Anza, California, through the mountains and down Coyote Canyon to a horse camp in Borrego Springs. It was very rough terrain, and several members of the group had not ridden for more than two hours at a time and only on level ground. Steve decided for the sake of those relatively unconditioned riders and their mounts to conduct this ride cavalry-style: you dismount and walk beside your horse for ten-minutes out of each hour. When Steve called the first halt, he got off his horse, and started to walk beside him, which was nearly impossible to keep up with his horse.

Reeves learned that by lengthening his stride and picking up his pace, while swinging his arms in rhythm with his stride and taking in deeper breaths, he was able to keep up with his horse. He also observed that at the end of the ten-minute walk, his horse and him had left the other riders and their mounts far behind. As he stood there waiting for the others to catch up, He reviewed what he had experienced in that ten-minute walk. He had been breathing more deeply, thus increasing his oxygen intake, and his heartbeat had quickened considerably and remained accelerated. It was a great aerobic exercise!

The next day he was surprised to find that he was not sore from the long ride as he had expected. The brisk walks had increased his circulation so much that no lactic acid had built up in his body.

In the weeks that followed, he experimented with PowerWalking. He developed and improved the methods until it all came together. With the help of James A. Peterson Ph.D. they put Steve’s process into words and in the very first PowerWalking book ever written. Steve Reeves was the innovator of the PowerWalking movement throughout the world and went on a media blitz promoting PowerWalking on radio and television and at events worldwide.

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