Health Introduction

George and SteveSteve's focus on health has been well-documented. Always a believer in natural fitness, he has written books, contributed numerous magazine articles to various publications over the years and was an advocate of banning the use of chemicals in the sport of bodybuilding.

Because of his focus on health and fitness, Steve retained an excellent physique, sense of vitality and energy throughout his life. When he could no longer work in his chosen profession or indulge in the sport of bodybuilding due to an accident, he found other ways of staying fit.


Power Walking

Power WalkingSteve's life-long interest in physical fitness led him to develop the principles of Power Walking. He now uses that method of exercise to maintain his physique and well-being.

In 1982, Steve authored a best-selling book entitled "Power Walking" that many, many critics admired. The book has long been out of print but due to demand, we're pleased to announce that a new edition - with updated information and insights from Steve - is due for release in the Spring of 2005!

The following is an excerpt from the Society's April 1995 newsletter where Steve talks with well-known fitness writer John Little about the origins and concept behind Power Walking.


Building The Classic Physique

Building The Classic Physique - the Natural WayThis Second Edition has been totally redone and greatly improved from cover to cover. With over 25% more pages, it now has 240 pages filled with additional photos, workout illustrations, and how to perform each exercise. It also contains what other bodybuilding icons say about the book's author, the one and only...Steve Reeves.

For over 30 years, the name Steve Reeves has been synonymous with incredible muscle mass, superb lines and unmatched shape, proportion and symmetry. Thousands of fans have asked for his secrets on how to build such a fabulous body.



Classic Physique Magazine"Classic Physique" was a part of the membership in the Steve Reeves International Society. years. They were published on a quarterly basis, "Classic Physique" started as an 8 page illustrated newsletter to 16 pages.

We also produced 4 double issues - 32 pages full of health tips, interviews, bodybuilding advice and anecdotes and stories about the life and career of Steve Reeves.

We thinking about reviving the newsletters on line this coming year.


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