Bio Introduction

Steve Reeves(Adapted from: "Steve Reeves: Bodybuilding's Perennial Star" by David Chapman)

HerculesIt's not easy being a god; Steve Reeves should know. In his most famous cinematic role as Hercules, he had to be gored, pummeled, stabbed, and crushed, but like a true immortal, Steve always emerged from these disasters looking as handsome and muscular as before.

Off screen, Reeves was idolized, pursued, and virtually worshiped by thousands of admiring girls and envious young men.

Thanks to his godlike appearance, Steve Reeves inspired an entire generation to take up weights and exercise so that they could look like he did.

Of course, no one ever did look quite like him; Reeves had a kind of charisma and physical perfection that only comes along once in a generation. Being a god may have had its drawbacks, but we are grateful that he was there to inspire us all.

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