Health Introduction

George and SteveSteve's focus on health has been well-documented. Always a believer in natural fitness, he has written books, contributed numerous magazine articles to various publications over the years and was an advocate of banning the use of chemicals in the sport of bodybuilding.

Because of his focus on health and fitness, Steve retained an excellent physique, sense of vitality and energy throughout his life. When he could no longer work in his chosen profession or indulge in the sport of bodybuilding due to an accident, he found other ways of staying fit.

Reeves pioneered the sport of PoweWalking, using light weights and developing a stride that has raised speed walking to Olympic status! However, he always maintained that even people who just want to stay fit could and would benefit from a regular fitness regime - no matter what their age or level of fitness when they started!

These principles have distilled themselves several books - on PowerWalking, Bodybuilding,and Nutrition as well as a line of natural vitamin and protein supplements that thousands have benefited from. We hope to make theses products supplements available again soon.

Additionally, I had the privilege of putting together his thoughts on fitness, stories of this great man's long and fascinating life and related stories into a quarterly magazine read by members of the Steve Reeves International Society.

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