Classic Physique Magazine"Classic Physique" was a part of the membership in the Steve Reeves International Society. years. They were published on a quarterly basis, "Classic Physique" started as an 8 page illustrated newsletter to 16 pages.

We also produced 4 double issues - 32 pages full of health tips, interviews, bodybuilding advice and anecdotes and stories about the life and career of Steve Reeves.

We thinking about reviving the newsletters on line this coming year.

Classic Physique MagazineThey will have fewer pages, but will be published more often. Each issue will build on the issue before it - mapping out Steve's life story in installments while providing valuable information on fitness, nutrition and bodybuilding.

While each issue can stand on its own - if you don't have the complete collection - you're missing out on pieces of the Steve Reeves story plus the in-depth coverage of fitness-related issues our subscribers enjoy in each copy.

Classic Physique MagazineWe are going to be releasing a 2 volume set of the newsletters in book form in 2011.

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