Steve on Zee Beam - 1996Millions of people worldwide remember Steve Reeves as Hercules while millions of others remember him as Mr. America and Mr. Universe.

Very few people know of his life as a rancher. Yet, with his background, growing up on a Montana ranch and riding at the tender age of two years - it was inevitable that ranching would be a part of his adult life.

The picture to the left is Steve riding at age 73 - though you would never believe he was that age. In his 70's he looked many years younger and could keep up with people half his age.

Whenever Steve and I met, I was always struck by his physical size and gait - still walking as if he was Hercules.

In early 1957, while working for American Health Studios, Steve purchased his ranch in Valley Center, California. It would be his home for the next 43 years.

Mel HanksHe purchased it from Mel Hanks, who is pictured to the right. The original ranch house is pictured behind him. It was moved to the southwest corner of the 14-acre spread when Steve and Aline built the new ranch house and stables in early 1970's. These stables housed many prize-winning Morgan's over the years.

AlineAline, pictured here took an active role in the ranch. She surely looked the part of cowgirl and we have many pictures of her caring for the ranch and the Morgan's. We have many more pictures of the ranch in our members section of the site.

When Steve decided to retire from the the motion picture business he made plans to start a cattle ranch in Oregon.

Steve's mother Goldie and her husband Earl, lived on the property and oversaw the day to day operation.

The ranch was called Suncrest Stock Ranch and was located in Jacksonville just outside Medford, Oregon - 33 miles north of the California border.

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