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Steve Reeves as HerculesSRIS (Steve Reeves International Society) was founded by George Helmer, a long time friend and business partner of Steve Reeves.

In 1994 George received exclusive permission by Steve to establish SRIS and started the SRIS Newsletter.

In 1994 and 1995 we launched the first Steve Reeves web site and a new corporate company, Steve Reeves International Inc.

Today we continue with our mission of honoring and spreading the word on this great man.



George Helmer and Steve ReevesSince you're here reading this you already know that our vastly improved website is up and running. With two decades under our belts we have launched a vastly improved site bringing you the very best of Steve Reeves, so explore, and have a great time here.


The Website

George and Cejay HelmerA word from George Helmer - 10/09/2014

Thank you for visiting our SRIS web site, I’m sure you will enjoy your stay here. We have and will continue to bring you the very best of Steve Reeves. Steve Reeves International own the rights to Steve Reeves name and Image and anyone interested in using his name or image please contact us at our web site or e-mail George Helmer at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . A division of Steve Reeves International Inc.


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Questions and Answers

Ralph Edwards ShowYou will find some of the most frequently asked questions about Steve here. If you have a question you don't see here, please e-mail us and we will try to get the answer for you. We have many hours of audio tape which we interviewed Steve over many years and asked many questions.


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