George Helmer and Steve ReevesSince you're here reading this you already know that our vastly improved website is up and running. With two decades under our belts we have launched a vastly improved site bringing you the very best of Steve Reeves, so explore, and have a great time here.

Steve Reeves International Society was established 20 years ago by George Helmer. His vision was to share Steve Reeves life history with other fans throughout the world. Through the years SRI and SRIS has accomplished many great projects including writing and publishing many great books such as, "Building the Classic Physique -The Natural Way", "Steve Reeves His Legacy In Films", "Dynamic Muscle Building", "Steve Reeves Hercules Cookbook", "Images of Steve Reeves", "PowerWalking" and our newest book "A Moment In Time - The Steve Reeves Story". In 2015 we will be working on another book containing the best photos of Steve ever taken.

In our films on DVD's, we produced the first documentary on Steve called "Steve Reeves The Man The Legend" directed by John Little. With Steve's help we collected most of his films on 16mm and 35mm which have been transferred to DVD. We are currently in production on our next documentary feature.

We now have a "free" member's only area that has audio and video clips plus many other things to look through. We will be adding additional media to this area each month. There is no cost with becoming a member; you just need to sign up.

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SRIS has a history of delivering the greatest information about Steve Reeves anywhere in the world. Steve wanted his fans to have access to his life and left the society his complete photo, press clipping, trophies and awards, representing thousands of items, many never seen before. George has compiled many hours of great audio interviews with Steve that will help us continue to bring the members new Steve Reeves stories.

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