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George and Cejay HelmerA word from George Helmer - 10/09/2014

Thank you for visiting our SRIS web site, I’m sure you will enjoy your stay here. We have and will continue to bring you the very best of Steve Reeves. Steve Reeves International own the rights to Steve Reeves name and Image and anyone interested in using his name or image please contact us at our web site or e-mail George Helmer at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . A division of Steve Reeves International Inc.

Steve may have departed from us mortals, but he is with us guiding us through his wisdom, truth and visions. I will continue to do what he requested on that that day because I believe in message and visions. I am starting to expand the Steve Reeves International Society and Steve Reeves International Inc. Please help us keep Steve legacy and vision alive by supporting the organizations.

A very special thanks to my wife Cejay who works endless hours making all things happen and our two girls Kira and Mariah, as well as to my son Tye and his family who support our cause.

I would also like to thank Dave Dowling who has been with us from the beginning in 1993 and has given of his time for both for the newsletters and web site information. To my Australian friends Kerry and Paul, thanks for the greatest looking site around. You’re the best at M-Plex Multimedia.


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